Deezer api client for node.js

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Asynchronous client for Deezer's API for node.js. Requires user authentication, this package is intended to manage a user's account, modify his playlists, etc. It still allows access to the public part of the api deezer.


  • node.js
  • npm
  • deezer api IDs (app id, secret key) (how to)


Install with npm :

npm install api-deezer --save

Install manually :

# in your project folder
cd node_modules
git clone https://github.com/antoineraulin/deezer-api.git api-deezer

generate deezer api IDs :

  • visit https://developers.deezer.com/myapps

  • click on the "Create a new Application" button

  • give a name to your app

  • If you run your program on a head-less device:

    • the domain and the redirect URL after authentication must be accessible from a web browser (from your computer for example), it is recommended to put the local ip of your device if you are on the same network or its external ip or a domain name pointing to the device. So, for the redirect URL after authentication put http://*.*.*.*:8765/auth (don't forget to replace *.*.*.* with the local ip, external ip or domain name).
  • Otherwise:

    • for the domain put and for the redirect URL after authentication
  • For Link to your Terms of Use, a correct url will do the trick

  • put a short description (10 characters min)

create the config file :

  • create a config.json file in the project folder
  • fill it as follows :
    "app_id": "your app id",
    "secret_key": "the secret key",
    "url": "http://*.*.*.*:8765/auth"

replace *.*.*.* with what you need, see the section on creating deezer IDs


const deezer = require("api-deezer");

async function start(){
    await deezer.login().catch((e)=>console.error(e));
    login process:
    deezer.login() will ask you to visit a url from a browser so that you can connect to deezer with your customer IDs
    console.log(await deezer.get("user"))  //returns user information

For documentation click here