Little node wrapper for Tan API.

Usage no npm install needed!

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Little node wrapper for Tan API.

This little wrapper allow you to get all stations, can deliver similar stations name and time left for a station.


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yarn add api-tan-wrapper


const TanWrapper = require('api-tan-wrapper');
const tan = new TanWrapper({
    production: true, // default: false // You can use NODE_ENV = production too
    locale: 'fr_FR' // default: 'fr_FR'

// Get all stations
await tan.getAllStations();

// Get stations in a 500m range of the location
await tan.getStationsWithLocation(latitude, longitude)

// Get all tram stations
await tan.getAllTramStations();

// Get all bus stations
await tan.getAllBusStations();

// Get waiting time at station
await tan.getWaitingTimeFromStation('beaujoire', 'name'); // or tan.getWaitingTimeFromStation('bjoi');

// Get times from station
await tan.getTimesFromStation('beaujoire', 'name', 1, 2); // or tan.getTimesFromStation('bjoi', 1, 2);

// Get array of stations name
tan.parseStationsToList(stations); // stations here is the result of tan.getAllStations();

// Get station from station name
await tan.getStationFromCode('beaujoire');

// Get station from code
await tan.getStationFromCode('bjoi');

// Get similar stations name
tan.getSimilarStationsName('beauséjour', ['beaujoire', 'commerce', ...], 2); // 2 is the number of similar stations you want to get in return


MIT @Toinane