Only a simple websocket plugin for apidoc.

Usage no npm install needed!

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Only a simple websocket plugin for apidoc. you can make websocket request directly at document pages generated by apidoc and this plugin to test your interface.

apidoc search in global node modules dir and local node_modules for modules that start with apidoc-plugin-. (local installed plugins have higher priority)

With a plugin you can add features like new parsers or filters and workers.

A plugin can use apidoc-core hooks. Hooks can be used to extend or transform data.


npm install apidoc-plugin-bic-ws --save-dev

support new tag

@apiWebsocket arg

Permited value for arg is one of:

  • boolean
  • {cmd:func} url
  • {cmd:func}
  • url

Example Use

method level settings

Add the tag apiWebsocket to your source file indicating turn on websocket request and parse cmd:func from url @api {get} /user/getName,need global settings support.

 * @api {get} /user/getName getName
 * @apiWebsocket true

or custom server address

 * @apiWebsocket ws://localhost:8082

or custom cmd func,need global settings support.

 * @apiWebsocket user:getName

or custom all

 * @apiWebsocket user:getName ws://localhost:8082

global settings

you can turn on the websocket request for all interfaces by adding a single line to apidoc.json:

"wsRequest": "ws://localhost:8082"

just as the way as sampleUrl; this config url apply by plugin unless you turn off at method level using:

 * @apiWebsocket false

after configuration, run apidoc like this:

apidoc -i example -t ./node_modules/apidoc-plugin-bic-ws/template

enhance api tag

@api {websocket} cmd:func your_api_title


@api cmd:func your_api_title

or maybe, your app support both http and websocket

@api {get,websocket} /cmd/func your_api_title


  • this plugin work with the handlebars template,so have to run with -t opation.
  • all changes powered by apidoc worker and parser extension,see parser and worker directory for detail.