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API Explorer js-standard-style Circle CI

API Explorer is a live documentation client for HTTP APIs that provides a nice and highly customizable UI.

  • Extensible: API Explorer provides a extensible system, based on plugins, that allow you to control several aspects of the UI, interactions with your API endpoints and the API Specification.
  • API Specification loaders: It is pre-bundled with Swagger (v1, v2) API specification loaded, but can be extended to handle other specifications.
  • Multiple APIs: You can have multiple API handled in the same UI for convenience.
  • Developer friendly: We provide a built-in development server to test your plugins and settings, with features such as a proxy for bypass CORS restrictions
  • Clean UI and user friendly: The UI is focused in the API operation, making it a first class citizen in the UI. Some user friendly aspect are also implemented, like: deep-link to api operations with pre-filled parameters; history for API request responses; API deprecation indicator; custom headers.

How To Use

Since API Explorer is distributed as a library, so it won't work out of the box without some configuration. You can opt-in for the following minimum configuration or use an advanced configuration explained in the advanced configuration section.

This are the steps to get API Explorer working for some API that is described in Swagger v2.

  • Download the API.Explorer.*.zip file from the releases page for this project.
  • Expand the file to get the APIExplorer.umd.js and index.html files
    • The .js file is the API Explorer library bundle
    • The index.html is a sample HTML index file you can/should use to bootstrap. It contains some CSS/JS external of API Explorer, the DOM hook node and some styles.
  • Copy the files to a new folder or to the root of your Server/API
  • Edit the index.html file to configure your API
    • Add a <script ...> tag as the last <body> element with the following:

    • Option A) if you are hosting index.html in the same server/api:

        .addAPI('some-api', 'swagger2', '/path/to/the/api/spec', c => {
          c.addHeader('X-API-Key', 'Some Value')  // You may add custom headers
    • Option B) if you are hosting index.html in a distinct server/api:

        .addAPI('some-api', 'swagger2', 'https://example.com/path/to/the/api/spec', c => {
          c.addHeader('X-API-Key', 'Some Value')  // You may add custom headers
        .configCORS({ credentials: 'omit' })


  • To build this project you need to clone the repository and do the following. Note that you can change the port number using the PORT environment variable.
yarn install
yarn run dev
open http://localhost:3000
  • This project uses StandardJS for linting the code.
yarn run lint
  • To generate a production build you need to run the following commands:
yarn install
yarn run build

The output files are stored in the dist folder. You can grab the files and place then in your application server.

You can also use a local server to run this application using npm start

Advanced Configuration

APIExplorer uses a fluent API to specify the internal behaviour. The following example configures two distinct APIs in the same API Explorer instance, with a custom widget HATEOAS, and a plugin samplePlugin. It also configure how to handle credentials in a CORS scenario. At the bottom, the start method trigger the API Specification download and subsequent UI render.

  .addAPI('petstore', 'swagger2', 'https://api.swaggerhub.com/apis/anil614sagar/petStore/1.0.0', c => {
    c.addHeader('X-Foo', 'Some Value')
    c.addHeader('X-Bar', 'Another Value')
  .addAPI('github', 'swagger2', 'https://api.apis.guru/v2/specs/github.com/v3/swagger.json', c => {
  .addWidgetTab('HATEOAS', APIExplorer.HATEOASWidget)
  .configCORS({ credentials: 'omit' })

Sample API Explorer client

You can find a sample project that depends on API Explorer in https://github.com/sky-uk/petstore-api-explorer.

Core Maintainers


We appreciate any contribution to API Explorer, please check out CONTRIBUTING.md. We keep a list of features and bugs in the issue tracker.


You can check all the contributors of this project here. A special thanks for the following two:

Try out

You can try the application in the online development sandbox that is using the Swagger PetStore API.


Sample API Explorer