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  import apimatic from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/apimatic';


Creating an api-server for MS-SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite and MariaDB real easy.

npm install apimatic

this js-code is an example of how to run an apimatic apiserver.

Microsoft SQL-server

var api = require("apimatic"); var config = api.CreateMSSQLConfiguration({ listenPort: apiportnumber, database: "databaseName", user: "username", password: "password", server: "server" })


Now look with an apitool at apiHostIp:portnumber/status example

You will get the status and a list of possible apis.

MySQL- or MariaDB-servers.

var api = require("apimatic"); var config = CreateMySQLConfiguration({ user: "username", password: "password", host: "hostaddress", listenPort: "apiportnumber", database: "databasename", port: "sqlserverport" }); api.Connect(config);

Example MongoDB servers

var api = require("apimatic"); var config = CreateMongoConfiguration({ connectionString: "mongo connectionstring", database: "AngSQL", listenPort: 6803 }); api.Connect(config);

var api = require("apimatic"); var config = CreateSQLiteConfiguration({ connectionString: Data Source=sqlitefilename.db;, listenPort: listenPortnumber, database: "sqlitefilename.db" }); api.Connect(config);

Rules: No spaces in column names in where part of the request {"where":{"column name":"not possible"}}