This is a helper library to write less code when using relay style pagination with apollo and react.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import apolloReactRelayPagination from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/apollo-react-relay-pagination';



This library provides an abstraction for relay style pagination for apollo and react.


yarn add apollo-react-relay-pagination


npm install --save apollo-react-relay-pagination


Wrapping the whole component

This should be your preferred method of integration. Just enhance your component using relayPagination and then use the loadMore method from the props as shown below.

import { relayPagination } from "apollo-react-relay-pagination";

class ItemsBase extends React.Component {
  render() {

  // call this whenever you want to load more
  // elements (e.g. from componentDidUpdate)
  load (reload) {
    if (!this.state.loadingMore) {
      if (reload || (...check for hasNextPage...)) {
        this.setState(p => ({ ...p, loadingMore: true }));
        this.props.loadMore(reload, {
        after: reload ?
            null :
        this.setState(p => ({ ...p, loadingMore: false }));

const ItemsWithPagination =
  relayPagination(ItemsQuery, ItemsBase);
const ItemsWithData =

Using the merge function directly

The library additionally provides the function mergeResults that merges a new response containing a paginated list into a previous version of the same answer. You can use this to have more flexibility.

import { mergeResults } from "apollo-react-relay-pagination";

class ItemsBase extends React.Component {
  render() {

export function getProps(props) {
  props.loadMore = (reload) => {
    let variables = ...;
    if (!reload) {
      variables.after = props.data.viewer.profile.groups.pageInfo.endCursor;

    return props.data.fetchMore({
      query: ItemsQuery,
      updateQuery: (previousResult, { fetchMoreResult }) => {
        return mergeResults(previousResult, fetchMoreResult, reload)
  return props;

const ItemsWithData =
  graphql(ItemsQuery, {
    props: getProps,

Exported functions

relayPagination(query, Component)

Returns a HOC that should be wrapped with graphql itself and will provide a loadMore method as property to the defined Component.

  • query: the query to use for the loadMore method
  • Component: the component to wrap

mergeResults(previous, current, reload)

Merges two objects by overwriting all the values from previous with the ones from current besides the children that are named edges, which will be merged. If reload is true, then all edges from previous are discarded.