Extends ApostropheCMS to use the 3.x version of the MongoDB native driver, for better compatibility with MongoDB 3.6, 4.0, etc.

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The problem to be solved

You have Apostrophe 2.x. You want to use the new MongoDB 3.x Node.js drivers to access newer features of MongoDB 3.6 or above, but by default Apostrophe uses the MongoDB 2.x Node.js drivers. This module changes that.

In addition, this module patches the newer driver to support certain features of the old one, so that both Apostrophe core and your own project-level code based on the 2.x driver can work properly. However, there is a major bc break that cannot be patched and you must mitigate it manually using the convenience method below.

The major bc break, and how to work around it

The MongoDB 3.x driver does not accept a projection as the second argument to the find method. It accepts an options object instead.

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way to detect the difference. So rather than patching find(), we have provided a new findWithProjection() method, which operates like the old find(). And, we are also adding this method to the 2.x driver, in the Apostrophe core. Alongside this, we are in the process of migrating all of our own find() calls to use findWithProjection(). If you find an omission, please submit a PR.

This bc break DOES NOT concern code that uses Apostrophe's own find(req) methods. That code should not change. This bc break ONLY concerns code that talks to MongoDB collection objects directly.

Version numbers: don't be confused

The version number of the Node.js driver and the MongoDB server are not directly related. If you are not using at least MongoDB 3.6, you don't need this module. However, you may use it with any version of MongoDB server back to 2.6.


npm install apostrophe-db-mongo-3-driver

// in app.js
  modules: {
    // database options, if any, still go here like always
    'apostrophe-db': {
      uri: 'mongodb://localhost:27017/dbname'
    // This module must be activated but should not be configured further,
    // as it improves the `apostrophe-db` module to use the new driver
    'apostrophe-db-mongo-3-driver': {}

Differences and warnings

You must use findWithProjection if you do not wish to rewrite your native MongoDB code to use the new options object

As described above, you must use findWithProjection if you wish to continue writing MongoDB code like this:

self.apos.docs.db.find({ size: 5 }, { title: 1, slug: 1, tags: 1 }).toArray()...

That must change to:

self.apos.docs.db.findWithProjection({ size: 5 }, { title: 1, slug: 1, tags: 1 }).toArray()...

Since this method is also added to the old MongoDB 2.x driver in the Apostrophe core, you can make this change safely in code that may use the 2.x or 3.x driver.

Of course you can also rewrite your code to use 3.x-style find() calls, however that will result in code that only runs on the 3.x driver, so be aware.

nextObject() is still available

Although removed in the 3.x driver, this module patches it to invoke the identical next method.

Your connection URI must be properly URL-escaped

When using the uri option you must correctly uri-escape usernames, passwords and other substrings that might contain just about any punctuation. From the MongoDB driver changelog:

"Whereas before mongodb://u$ername:pa$w{}rd@/tmp/mongodb-27017.sock/test would have been a valid connection string (with username u$ername, password pa$w{}rd, host /tmp/mongodb-27017.sock and database test), the connection string for those details would now have to be provided as mongodb://u%24ername:pa%24%24w%7B%7Drd@%2Ftmp%2Fmongodb-27017.sock/test."

If you use the host, username, password and name options this module will escape the URI properly for you.

To further ease the encoding process, a new params option has been added. If present, this object is encoded as the query string of the URI for you. Thus you can configure the entire connection without escaping your own URI, unless you already have a correct one handy.

The db option does not make a new Db object

With the 2.x driver, you can pass an existing Db object to apostrophe as the db option to apostrophe-db, and it will create a new Db object that accesses the right database for this particular site. With the 3.x driver, you must pass your existing MongoClient object as the client option to achieve the same effect. In this case Apostrophe will use it to obtain a Db object but will not attempt to close the client when the apos object is destroyed.

The db option does still exist, but can only be used to supply a database object that is already connected to the right database. Apostrophe cannot close the client for you in this case as it does not have any way to access it.

The client object is now available as apos.modules['apostrophe-db'].client

With the 3.x driver, you cannot get back to the client object from the db object. If you need the MongoDB client object, you may access it as apos.modules['apostrophe-db'].client.


Not yet compatible with apostrophe-multisite.

bc breaks not relevant to Apostrophe core modules are not currently patched

There are no patches for the following methods removed in the 3.x driver which Apostrophe never calls:


There are no patches for differences in the behavior of these features unused by Apostrophe core modules:

Bulk writes Variadic calls (without an array) to aggregate Additional bc breaks documented in the MongoDB driver changelog

Further reading

You should read the MongoDB driver changelog.