Audio source input for your application, demo or tests.

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app-audio unstable

Get audio for your application, demo or tests.

It will create a component with every possible audio source for Web Audio API - an audio file, url, soundcloud, microphone or primitive signal. Also it tackles play/stop/reset controls, drag-n-drop, recent tracks, soundcloud tracklists, queuing multiple tracks, saving to session storage, progress bar, looping etc.



npm install app-audio

const createAudio = require('app-audio');

let audioSrc = createAudio({
    source: './my-audio.mp3'
}).on('ready', (node, url) => {


**`const createAudio = require('app-audio');`**

Get app-audio constructor. It can also serve as a class.

**`let appAudio = createAudio(options);`**

Create app-audio instance based off options:

//initial source
source: null,

//container to place UI
container: document.body,

//audio context to use
context: require('audio-context'),

//Enable file select
file: true,

//Enable url input
url: true,

//Enable soundcloud input
soundcloud: true,

//Enable primitive signal input
signal: true,

//Enable mic input
mic: true,

//Show play/payse buttons
play: true,

//Start playing whenever source is selected
autoplay: true,

//Repeat track list after end
loop: true,

//Show progress indicator at the top of container
progress: true,

//Save/load tracks to sessionStorage
save: true,

//Show list of recent tracks
recent: true,

//Enable drag and drop files
dragAndDrop: true,

//Default color
color: 'black'
**`appAudio.on(event, callback);`**

Bind event callback. Available events:

//called whenever new source is set and loaded, like mic, file, signal etc.
//source audioNode is passed as a first argument, so do connection routine here
appAudio.on('load', (audioNode, sourceUrl) => {

//whenever play is pressed or called
appAudio.on('play', (audioNode) => {});

//whenever pause is pressed or called
appAudio.on('pause', (audioNode) => {});

//whenever reset is called
appAudio.on('reset', () => {});

Set source to play. Source can be whether File, FileList, URL, soundcloud URL, list of URLs, MediaStream etc.


Play selected source. Other playback methods:

//pause current source, for mic - mute output

//reset current source, stop playback

//play next track, if there are multiple tracks

Open menu. To hide menu, call appAudio.hide()


Update view or options, if required. Possible options are all the same as in the constructor.

In the wild



@mattdesl for web-audio-player covering gotchas of playing web-audio.

Beautiful myself, who spent like a week on that, and another week before on start-app.