Node.js Wrapper for Filemaker API 17+

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Node.js Wrapper for Filemaker API 17+ created and maintained by AppDrag

AppDrag is a Cloud CMS & Backend made for web professionals and hosted on Amazon AWS. With AppDrag produce 5 times faster websites, blog e-commerce, Databases & API's.

Installing with NPM

Simply type the following into a terminal window:

$ npm install appdrag-datasource-filemaker

Installing with CloudBackend

If your are inside a cloud function in CloudBackend, click on the "Open library manager" button then search for "appdrag-datasource-filemaker", click on the "+" button then save.

CloudBackend API Dashboard


var filemaker = require('appdrag-datasource-filemaker');
filemaker.init('', 'dbname', 'username', 'password');


List Records (layoutName, rowLimit)

var records = JSON.parse(await filemaker.List("your_layout_name", 50));
callback(null, filemaker.ConvertToDataSource(records) );

Find Records (layoutName, query)

var dataQuery = {
    "query": [{
        "Nom": "Jobs"
    "sort": [
        {"fieldName": "Prenom", "sortOrder": "ascend"},
        {"fieldName": "Nom","sortOrder": "ascend"}
var records = await filemaker.Find("your_layout_name", dataQuery);
callback(null, filemaker.ConvertToDataSource(records));

Get Record by id (layoutName, recordId)

var records = JSON.parse(await filemaker.Get("your_layout_name", 1));
callback(null, filemaker.ConvertToDataSource(records) );

Create Record (layoutName, data)

var data = {
    "fieldData": {
        "Prenom": "Jean",
        "Nom": "Dupont"
var response = await filemaker.Create("your_layout_name", data);
callback(null, response);

Edit Record (layoutName, data)

var data = {
    "fieldData": {
        "Titre": "Professeur",
        "Societe": "IBM", 
        "Nom": "Dupond2"
var response = await filemaker.Edit("your_layout_name", 8, data);
callback(null, response);

Delete Record (layoutName, recordId)

var records = JSON.parse(await filemaker.Delete("your_layout_name", 1));
callback(null, response); 

Execute Script (layoutName, query)

var query = {
    "fieldData": {
    "script.prerequest": "YourScriptName1",
    "script.presort": "YourScriptName2",
    "script": "YourScriptName3"
var response = await filemaker.Execute("your_layout_name", query);
callback(null, response);


var token = await filemaker.GetToken();
callback(null, response);


Post your issues or suggestions here on Github