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appnexus-api is an easy-to-use Appnexus client for node.


$ npm install appnexus-api

Request throttling

This library throttle requests to respect Appnexus limits:

  • Max 10 authentications per 5 minute period
  • Max 60 writes per minute
  • Max 100 reads per minute


See system tests.

Keep authenticated

Appnexus token is valid for 2 hours. Appnexus recomends to listen for the
"NOAUTH" error and then reauthenticate.
This library does not implement that behavior.

Here is an example of continuous authentication.

var Appnexus = require('appnexus-api'),
reauthenticateEvery = 60*60*1000;
reauthenticateRetry = 500;

(function authenticate() {
    self.client.authenticate(function (err, token) {
        if (err) {
            self.emit('error', err);
            setTimeout(authenticate, reauthenticateRetry);
        } else {
            self.client.token = token;
            setTimeout(authenticate, reauthenticateEvery);

In the example the client try to reauthenticate every hour.
If it fails, it will keep trying retry every 500 ms. Request throttle will prevent
exceeding appnexus authentication request limits.

Unit testing

You can use mocha with your preferred options or just make test-unit

Test against Appnexus endpoint

You can run the system tests against an Appnexus like system.
Before you run them, double check that your environment is set up.
For instance you can create a shell script like:

# Appnexus testing environment credentials
export APPNEXUS_USERNAME=johndoe

And add it to your working environment with $ . ./ then

$ npm test


$ make test-system

System tests are instrumentalised using the excellent debug library.

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