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Apps/A Middleware (Node.js)

Codename "Pear"


A Node.js reference implementation of a middleware for loading and rendering Apps.


$ npm install
$ PORT=1234 node example/index.js

And then visit

Connect Middleware

#!/usr/bin/env coffee
http    = require 'http'
connect = require 'connect'

middleware = require '../'

app = connect()
    'apps': [
    'config': __dirname + '/config.json'
.use(connect.static(__dirname + '/public'))

http.createServer(app).listen process.env.PORT

The middleware accepts two params. One, apps, is an Array of paths to app sources. This can be any of the following:

  1. Git paths on the net like: git://
  2. Local file paths: file:///home/dev/intermine-apps-a

The other parameter, config, represents the configuration you want merged with the config from the apps sources. This can be one of the following:

  1. Local file path: file:///home/dev/example-middleware/config.json
  2. A plain JS Object.

Only the first parameter is required.

Then, the middleware provides you with two routes:

  1. GET /middleware/apps/a - which gives you a config for all the apps it can serve
  2. GET /middleware/apps/a/:appId - which returns one app

Both URLs are being used internally by the Apps client (see example/public/js/intermine.fatapps.js).