A useful tool for developers who use appserver from TOTVS, based on nodemon

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For use in development environment of applications that use TOTVS | Application Server.

appsrvmon will watch the ini file in the appserver's directory.

appsrvmon simply wraps TOTVS | Application Server and keeps an eye on ini file that have changed. Remember that appsrvmon is a replacement wrapper for appserver, think of it as replacing the command appserver -console on the command line.

npm version


Either through forking or by using npm (the recommended way):

npm install -g appsrvmon

And appsrvmon will be installed in to your bin path. Note that as of npm v1, you must explicitly tell npm to install globally as appsrvmon is a command line utility.


appsrvmon wraps the execution of TOTVS | Application Server, so you can just run in the appserver directory:


If you want to specify the path of the application server, just use:

appsrvmon -a path\to\application_server

For CLI options, use the -h (or --help) argument:

appsrvmon -h

Future features

  • Config which .ini keys will make the application server restart when changed
  • Command to rename/move the console.log file

Automatic re-running

appsrvmon will restart the application server whenever the .ini file changes.

Manual restarting

If you need to manually restart your application, instead of stopping and restart appsrvmon, you can simply type rs with and enter, and apprvmon will restart your application server.


This tool is inspired by: nodemon


This tool does not have any link with TOTVS, this repository is fully independent.