Framework for building GRPC services in Node JS.

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Forked https://github.com/devsu/condor-framework

Condor GRPC Framework for Node

Minimalist, fast framework for building GRPC services in Node JS. It's like express for GRPC.

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Condor is working, but it's in ALPHA stage. We're using it to build a large system that will be in production soon. Unmaintained We stopped using GRPC (probably we'll take a look again in the future, when its whole ecosystem gets more mature).


  • Built on top of Google's grpc module
  • Focus on simplicity and high performance
  • Fully covered by tests
  • Promise based, which means no callbacks
  • Written using, and design for ES6

How to use

const Condor = require('condor-framework');

class Greeter {
  sayHello(ctx) {
    return { 'greeting': 'Hello ' + ctx.req.name };

const logger = (ctx, next) => {
  console.log('Request:', ctx.req);
  return next();

const options = {
  'listen': '',
  'rootProtoPath': './protos',

const app = new Condor(options)
  .add('myapp/greeter.proto', 'GreeterService', new Greeter())

For this to work, you should have your proto file at ./protos/myapp/greeter.proto.


npm install --save condor-framework


Related Modules and Middleware

See the documentation for related modules and middleware.

License and Credits

MIT License. Copyright 2017 by Devsu LLC, the Node GRPC Experts