📦 package to convert the arabic names to english ones

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Arabic Name Converter 👳‍♂️

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How to install 🧐

npm i -S arabic-name-to-en

How to use 👨‍💻

The package exports a simple function that you can pass a string of a name of more than one name in one line and it will return the name in EN
سارة => Sarah

Explanation 🤓

There is no clear romanizations rule to change the Ar name to En one, so this package is me trying to find common cases to covert the names.
This package is still in early stage, so please open issues, if there is anything. Also, you may enhance it by depending on DB and make the package script for not found names.

Here is a sheet of names for you to check. it has 3000 random Arabic names.

Please open an issue and write the names that you are not happey about so I can fix it ⭕️