Analyze the architecture

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Architecture Analyzer

Arcan is project architecture analyzer, it is designed to allow you to configure rules for how you want a project to be structured. Filenames, required files and directories can be configured at all levels of the project.

The goal of this project is to allow a architecture to remain consistent over time.


Arcan will by default look for arcan.config.js which is expected to be a node modules exporting a config object.

module.exports = {

    // the files property contains all normal file configurations

    files: {

        pattern: /my_file/,             // Arcan will report any files that do not match the provided pattern
        required: ['important_file']    // Arcan will report if the directory does not contain the required file


    directories: {

        requireAll: {...},              // Arcan will report any subdirectory that does not follow the provided config
        foo: {                          // here we can set what subdirectories we want to configure rules for

            files: {...},
            directories: {...}




Arcan will ignore any subdirectories that do not contain any rules. All configurations are optional.