Client API library for the Ardor Blockchain

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Sample Ardor APIs for Node JS

What's new?

This release is compatible with the Ardor 2.3.4 APIs.

General Information

The Node JS module performs local signing and encryption using the same code used by the official Ardor wallet.

  • Your passphrase, seed or private key are never submitted to the remote node when submitting a transaction.
  • Transaction bytes returned by the remote node are parsed and validated against the submitted data.
  • Transaction signing, encryption, and decryption are invoked locally using Javascript code.

Setup using NPM

npm i ardor
echo n | copy /-y node_modules\ardor\sample\*.* *.* - copy the Ardor samples without overwriting existing files

Setup using Ardor installation

Install the Ardor software (no need to download the blockchain)
Install Node JS and NPM from
Open a command prompt
Navigate to the Ardor installation folder
cd html/www/js - make sure the folder has write permissions
npm install
cd sample

Run Examples

Configure the remote node, Ardor account and default chain by editing the config.json file
Invoke any of the available samples using node, for example node

Packaging and Distribution

If installed from Ardor installation, the Ardor package no longer depends on a local Ardor node.
You can use the content of the html/www/js folder as a standalone module.


Your passphrase or private key are submitted to a remote node only when invoking specific APIs which require them to operate like the startForging API.
We recommend that you avoid using these APIs in your scripts when connecting to an untrusted remote node.