Command Line Interface

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README Command Line Interface

# Open the 3 most recent public channels in your browser:
$ arena channels -x3 -l | xargs open


Available from the npm registry. Requires Node.js to be installed.

$ npm i -g

# or:

$ yarn global add

You may optionally specify an access token for read/write access or retrieving private resources. Set the environment variable ARENA_ACCESS_TOKEN to your access token, as so:

$ export ARENA_ACCESS_TOKEN=abcd

Add the export line to your .bash_profile or .bashrc to persist accross terminal sessions.


  • get: Fetch... (default command, run if no other is specified)
    • channel <slug|id>: A channel
    • channels: List of public channels
    • channels <...slugs|ids>: Multiple channels
    • block <id>: Block by ID
  • create: Create... (aliases: new or add)
    • channel <title>: A new channel
    • channels <...titles>: Shortcut to channel -m
    • block <channel-slug> <url|content>: A new block. You can specify the URL, or content
    • blocks <channel-slug> <...urls|content>: Shortcut to block -m
  • delete: Delete...
    • channel <slug|id>: A channel
    • channels <...slugs|ids>: Multiple channels
  • search: Search...
    • channels [query]: Channels
    • blocks [query]: Blocks
    • users [query]: Users
  • edit: Edit using $VISUAL/$EDITOR...
    • block <id>: A block
    • blocks <...ids>: Multiple blocks
    • channel <slug|id>: A channel (only title and status for now...)
    • channels <...slugs|ids>: Multiple channels (only title and status for now...)


  • -m, --multiple: accept multiple arguments (quoted) and execute the command for each: arena create channel -m "Some Title" "Another One"
  • -s slug author title, --select=author date: Takes an list, and will only output the specified fields from the results (defaults to "slug" on creation, "title author slug" on fetch). Available fields: title, author, date, slug, link
  • -l, --link: Print only link[s]
  • -j=string, --join="string": Join individual fields with "string" (default: ", ")
  • -p n, --page=n: Fetch page number n
  • -x n, --per=n: Fetch n tems per page
  • -S public, --status=private: Status of new or retrieved channel[s]. One of public, closed, or private
  • -J, --json: Output JSON instead of the default textual format
  • -P, --pretty: Pretty print JSON
  • -f, --file: Read arguments from this file (use - for stdin)
  • -y, --yaml: Edit blocks/channels with YAML (default is true, use -y=false, --no-yaml, etc. to disable)
  • -D, --dry, --debug: Don't make the requests, print them
  • -v, --version: Show version
  • -h, --help: Show help


$ arena create channel Excellent Websites --link

$ arena channels -x5 -p2 -s title slug
Motion Graphics, motion-graphics-1512356954
Lancing Ray, lancing-ray
Celeste Tsai, celeste-tsai
character sketches, character-sketches
plt, plt

$ arena add blocks excellent-websites

$ arena search channels websites -x3
Websites, James Oates, websites--13
Websites, Ian Williams, websites-1506709551
Websites, Paul Gacon, websites--22

$ arena edit block 3258203
# ^ This will open $EDITOR/$VISUAL to edit the block