Argon storage extends default storage API to resolve cross browser compatibility issues

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Argon Storage

Argon storage is a cross-browser wrapper for local storage.


npm i argon-storage

How does it work?

Argon storage test's if your current browser supports local/session storage API. If not, it stores data in cookies.

With Argon Storage

import ArgonStorage from 'argon-storage';
const store = new ArgonStorage();

store.set('dataKey', 'dataValue');
const value = store.get('dataKey'); // --> 'dataValue'

Without Argon Storage

let value = '';
try {
    localStorage && localStorage.setItem('dataKey', 'dataValue');
    if (localStorage) {
        value = localStorage.getItem('dataKey'); // --> 'dataValue'
} catch(e) {
    // Assuming you have 'setCookie' and 'getCookie' implementation available
    setCookie('dataKey', 'dataValue');
    value = getCookie('dataKey');

Argon Storage takes an extra step to verify your data and stores it correctly in local storage.

Without Argon Storage

localStorage.setItem('item', { m: 'helloworld', n: 100 });
localStorage.getItem('item'); // --> [object Object] // Local storage stores everything as strings

With Argon Storage

store.set('item', { m: 'helloworld', n: 100 });
store.get('item'); // --> { m: 'helloworld', n: 100 }

Saves an extra step of transforming data before saving it.

You can also store data in session storage. Data validations and fallback still works.

store.set('item', 'value', true); // Third parameter enables session storage mode

Argon Storage respects the "type" of data stored.

Without Argon Storage

localStorage.set('item', true); // Stored value is boolean
localStorage.get('item'); // --> 'true' // Retrieved value is a string

With Argon Storage

store.set('item', true);
store.get('item'); // --> true // Returns the value as boolean

Argon storage supports data compression

We use Pieroxy's LZW algorithm (custom implementation) to compress input data. Useful to save some bytes when dealing with large dataset.

const store = new ArgonStorage({ compress: true });

Argon Storage provide methods to save data directly to cookies

import { setCookie, getCookie } from 'argon-storage';

setCookie('item', 'value');
getCookie('item'); // --> 'value'

By default setCookie creates a session cookie (cookie without an expiry). You can set expiryDays by passing a third parameter.

setCookie('item', 'value', 3); // Cookie expires after 3 days

You can also set cookie path and domain by passing fourth and fifth parameters.

setCookie('item', 'value', null /* Setting up a session cookie */ , '/', '');

However, if you don't pass them, the path value defaults to / and domain value defaults to current site domain. If for any reason you do not want to set domain (which isn't recommended), you can pass an empty string value.

You can also mark cookies as secure by passing a sixth boolean parameter.

setCookie('item', 'value', null /* Setting up a session cookie */ , '/', '', true); // Creates a secure cookie

For secure websites, you don't need to do this step. Argon storage by default creates secure cookies by checking if the site uses an https:// URL.


Argon Storage is a great utility for local storage. It is tested on majority of desktop and mobile browsers which makes it perfect for production use. It's built-in type resolution reduces a ton of code (and pain to write them). You can see it for yourself in one of the examples above.

Argon Storage supports IE9 browser and above.

Additional functions/methods

Get All Cookies

import { getAllCookies } from 'argon-storage';
getAllCookies(); // --> Returns all stored cookies as list[]
getAllCookies(/test_cookie/); // --> Returns all stored cookies that matches the regex.

Remove Cookie

import { removeCookie } from 'argon-storage';
removeCookie('test'); // Deletes a cookie

Remove local/session storage data

import ArgonStorage from 'argon-storage';
(new ArgonStorage())
  .remove('item'); // Removes an item from local/session storage.
(new ArgonStorage())
  .remove('item', true); // Removes item from session storage only.