Tired of your linter being nice to you? Want to be treated like the terrible developer you are? Welcome.

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Tired of your linter not making you feel like the terrible developer you really are? Welcome.

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Argulint is a little linter wrapper that runs the standardjs lint process but adds a fun twist to it.

The only goal is to have a little fun with your linting.


  • A simple CLI tool, it's just running standardjs under the hood
  • Which means it still works with standard options in the package.json as well as the --fix argument in the CLI
  • Re formats the output with some extra organization
  • Insults your mistakes for fun

How To


npm i -D argulint

Once installed you would use argulint just like you can use the standardjs linter via the CLI. It supports the --fix flag as well as using the standard options built into your package.json file.

Usage example:

argulint src/place/*.js

Or with the flag:

argulint --fix src/place/*.js

Note: There is no API this is strictly used within the CLI


Messages are generated in the following format:

  {linting error} {lines} {ending}


  • insult is the actual picked insult
  • linting error is the actual error that was found
  • lines is the line(s) and column(s) of the error in this format: line:column
  • ending is the chosen ending from our endings list


Example output looks something like this:

# of Errors: 6 - Alright you're done get out.
# Fixable: 5 - Put me in coach!

File: /path/to/argulint/tests/index.js
# of Errors: 6 - Uh oh!
# Fixable: 5 - I got this.
You garbage mammal!
   Extra semicolon. on line 1:10 I think we're done here
You boner jockey!
   Extra semicolon. on line 2:10 Thanks, I hate it
You're a capitalist pig!
   Extra semicolon. on line 3:10 [Forced laughing]
Remind me to always bet against you.
   Extra semicolon. on line 4:10 This is why I have trust issues
I think you are a general offense and everyone should beat you.
   'g' is assigned a value but never used. between line 5:7 and 5:8 ctrl + a + del
Lying, crying, spying, prying ultra-pig!
   Extra semicolon. on line 5:13 Thanks, I hate it