A lightweight, fully-open source personal assistant. Fully customizable.

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Arizona is a fully customizable personal assistant and Spotify miniplayer. It'll help you google stuff. It's the best.

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Official Beta Release

Arizona is now in open beta! Get the latest release for Windows or Mac at


  • Ctrl+Q - Pull up assistant


Spotify support is being added in version 0.0.11! If "spotifyMiniPlayer" is set to true in your config, an authorization window will pop up. And it should be as simple as any other oAuth situation.


New Commands

  • 'play [song name]' - play any song from spotify
  • 'skip', 'next song' - skip song
  • 'previous' - previous song
  • 'lyrics' - display song lyrics from node-lyrics-api

Spotify Mini Player

If enabled, instead of the app closing when you click away, it will turn into a miniplayer.

Official Discord Stop by and offer bug reports or suggestions.


Arizona is meant to be a customizable open replacement for desktop assistants like Cortana and Siri. You can use any mp4 as your assistant's avatar. It's meant to be completely customizable to your liking, and because it's all written in HTML and CSS, that's completely easy.

New Features


Copy the folder of another theme in your 'themes' directory and rename it to whatever you want to call your theme. Then, in config.json, set your theme to the name of the folder you created. You can add whatever css you want to the custom css file.

Background Video

Place a mp4 in the directory of your theme with the name 'bg.mp4'. Then just makes sure "backgroundVideo" is set to true in config.json

Python Scripts

Run Python scripts by placing them in your 'scripts' folder and just type the name of the python file to run. (Must have python installed)

Getting Started



  • Node js

  • Clone this repository or install with

npm install arizona
  • Install Dependencies by running the following command in the arizona directory
npm install

Executing program

  • Run this command in the arizona directory
npm start


See Config.json to change settings like your name, your assistant's name, and more. To Add or remove inputs for conversation, edit the 'inputs.txt' and 'responses.txt' Every line in 'inputs.txt' corresponds to the same line in 'responses.txt'. Separate alternate versions of inputs or responses with a '/'


All Platforms

  • 'google [query]' - open google in your browser with your query, faster than cortana (example: "google the shaggy dog")
  • Any message that doesn't look like an input from the "inputs" file will be googled. So you can type "gene wilder" and it will google Gene Wilder
  • 'weather' - display the weather


  • Voice Control and Response (considering using AWS)


Christopher Strnad


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License - see the file for details