Utility to generate Audio Buffer given an array (or more) of audio data

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Handy function to generate Web Audio Buffers given an array of sample data


Given some audio sample data in an array, you want to convert it into a buffer that can be assigned to a BufferSource node. This is how you do this:

var arrayToAudioBuffer = require('openmusic-array-to-audiobuffer');
var audioContext = new AudioContext();
var sampleData = makeWhiteNoise(44100);
var buffer = arrayToAudioBuffer({
    context: audioContext,
    data: sampleData
var bufferSource = audioContext.createBufferSource();
bufferSource.buffer = buffer;

See demo/main.js for a working example.

TODO: example with multiple channels.

Installing and building

With NPM

Install with NPM

From repository:

git clone

Then install build dependencies, etc with:

Install build dependencies, etc with:

npm install

Before running the demo, run:

npm run build

Demo files will be placed in build/. Open build/index.html to access the demo.

Remember to rebuild the bundle each time you make a change to the demo (in demo/) or node code (index.js). Alternatively, you can also run the watch task, so it will watch for file changes and rebuild the bundle for you:

npm run watch