Adds Java ArrayList-like functionality to JavaScript arrays.

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  import arrayExtras from '';


NOTE: I don't know what I'm doing. Sorry for any inconvenience.

To be quite honest, I always forget the stupid little quirks of JavaScript arrays, and I hate having to re-learn them every time I return to web work. I do, however, spend a lot of time in Java, and the ArrayList has become my good good, in fact, that I've attempted to implement about 99% of it in JavaScript here.

A few of the methods from the Java ArrayList class have intentionally not been implemented for reasons of JavaScript: iterator(), listIterator(), and toArray(). On the other hand, I've added a toSet() method. Please read the Java documentation for more details about what each method does.

Here's the API:

Return Type Name Parameters
boolean add ([index,] object)
boolean addAll ([index,] objects)
undefined clear ()
array clone ()
boolean contains (object)
undefined ensureCapacity (capacity)
object get (index)
integer indexOf (object)
boolean isEmpty ()
integer lastIndexOf (object)
object remove (object)
boolean removeAll (objects)
undefined removeRange (startIndex, endIndex)
boolean retainAll (objects)
undefined set (index, object)
integer size ()
array subList (start, end)
array toSet ()
undefined trimToSize (size)