Wrapper for Valve's Artifact API in Javascript

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  import artifactJs from '';


Artifact JS

A Javascript API Wrapper for Valve's cardgame Artifact (with built-in caching).

How to Use

Currently, the only method available is getting all cards from a set:

const artifactJS = require("./index.js");
artifactJS.cardSet.getSet("00").then(response => console.log(response))

This will print the list of cards from card set 00. You can view an example response below or by clicking here, from Valve's official repo

  "card_set": {
    "version": 1,
    "set_info": {
      "set_id": 0,
      "pack_item_def": 0,
      "name": {
        "english": "Base Set"
    "card_list": [{

      "card_id": 4000,
      "base_card_id": 4000,
      "card_type": "Hero",
      "card_name": {
        "english": "Farvhan the Dreamer"
      "card_text": {
        "english": "Pack Leadership<BR>\nFarvhan the Dreamer's allied neighbors have +1 Armor."
      "mini_image": {
        "default": "<url to png>"
      "large_image": {
        "default": "<url to png>"
      "ingame_image": {
        "default": "<url to png>"
      "is_green": true,
      "attack": 4,
      "hit_points": 10,
      "references": [{
          "card_id": 4002,
          "ref_type": "includes",
          "count": 3
          "card_id": 4001,
          "ref_type": "passive_ability"

    ..... more cards ....


Card sets will be cached respecting Valve's API expire_time values. You can know if the call was cached or not by the cached attribute which ArtifactJS appends to the API result.


Contributions are welcome! Post any issues or suggestions for improvements.