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README AWS Kinesis Plugin

Load test AWS Kinesis with Implementation of artillery's kinesis plugin with updates to allow for custom JS Functions to be used until they are resolved in the original package


Load testing a Kinesis stream will help you answer question like "have we provisioned enough shards to be able to handle expected volume?" and "are our consumers able to handle the amount of messages that will be streamed via Kinesis?"

Take guesswork out of provisioning capacity for your Kinesis streams and make sure your consumers can scale to process incoming data.


Important: The plugin requires Artillery 1.5.8-3 or higher.

Install the plugin

# If Artillery is installed globally:
npm install -g artillery-engine-kinesisstream

Use the plugin

  1. Set to the name of the Kinesis stream
  2. Specify additional options in config.kinesis:
    • region - AWS region (default: us-east-1)
  3. Set the engine property of the scenario to kinesis.
  4. Use putRecord in your scenario to push data to the stream.

Example Script

  target: "analytics_events"
    region: "us-east-1"
  # Emulate 10 publishers
   - arrivalCount: 10
     duration: 1
    kinesis: {}

  - name: "Push to stream"
      - loop:
        - putRecord:
           # data may be a string or an object. Objects
           # will be JSON.stringified.
            eventType: "view"
            objectId: "ba0ec3de-26fe-4874-a74d-b72527160278"
            timestamp: 1492975372004
            location: "London, UK"
        - think: 1
        count: 100

(See example.yml for a complete example.)

Run Your Script

AWS_PROFILE=dev artillery run my_script.yml


MPL 2.0