Angular wrapper for the Artstor Universal Viewer

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Artstor Viewer, Angular Component

Media viewer for content within Artstor Image Workspace

Ithaka Open Source Initiative

This repository is open sourced by Ithaka as part of our initiative to increase transparency and contribute to the community. This particular repository is a working repository not intended as software available for consumption.

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Copyright 2018 Ithaka Harbors, Inc.

Building the Project

Commands use yarn, which we recommend, but can be replaced with npm

Using this repo:

  • yarn start to run a live-reload server with the demo app
  • yarn run test to test in watch mode, or yarn run test:once to only run once
  • yarn run build to build the library
  • yarn run lint to lint
  • yarn run clean to clean
  • yarn run integration to run the integration e2e tests
  • yarn install ./relative/path/to/lib after yarn run build to test locally in another app

To publish a new version:

  • yarn release to increment version
  • git commit to commit the version
  • yarn build to build with new version
  • npm publish dist to publish to yarn/npm
  • git push to push version to master

The Demo App

Used to test the viewer, and provides multiple asset ids to test different use cases.

  1. Clone or download the artstor-viewer.
  2. Install npm packages with yarn install.
  3. Run npm start to launch the sample application.


├── demo/
|  └── app/
|     ├── app.component.ts
|     └── app.module.ts
└── lib/
   ├── index.ts
   └── src/
      ├── component/
      |  └── artstor-viewer.component.ts
      ├── service/
      |  └── lib.service.ts
      └── module.ts