Sync dynamic nested objects with their flattened representation

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Aspen Core

The most performant solution for syncing dynamic nested objects/trees with their flattened representation. Aspen trees are powered by superfast TypedArrays that are ~5x faster than regular Arrays in all operations like lookups (indexOf) and alterations (splice), which means best of the best.

Aspen was built to serve react-aspen, a library for displaying nested trees in React apps (like file trees, indented todo lists etc.) while ensuring everything is super-efficient.

It is recommended that you read documentation for react-aspen to get a better idea on what this is all about.


You shouldn't have to use this library "as is" unless you're porting react-aspen to another rendering library and you need a very efficient backend


npm i aspen-core

Light it up

import * as fse from 'fs-extra'
import * as Path from 'path'
import { IBasicFileSystemHost, Root, IFileEntryItem, WatchTerminator, FileType } from 'aspen-core'

const host: IBasicFileSystemHost = {
    pathStyle: 'unix', // or 'win32'
    getItems: async (path: string): Promise<IFileEntryItem[]> => Promise.all(
        (await fse.readdir(path))
            .map(async (filename) => {
                const stat = await fse.stat(Path.join(path, filename))
                return {
                    name: filename,
                    type: stat.isDirectory() ? FileType.Directory : FileType.File

     * [optional] sort function
    // sortComparator: (a: FileOrDir, b: FileOrDir): number => { by default Directories come before FileEntries }

     * [optional] use this to know when a Directory is interested in file watching
     * Note that this is used just to let you "know", `Root` can receive events through `Root#inotify` regardless of this method's presence
    // watch: (path: string): WatchTerminator => { return a function that will be called when a Directory is no longer interested in watching changes }

const root: Root = new Root(host, '/absolute/path/that/will/act/as/root')

// refer to the full API on what is possible next


This library is written in TypeScript. Type definitions are included when you do npm i aspen-core. Documentaion is available here.


This project is licensed under MIT license. You are free to use, modify, distribute the code as you like (credits although not required, are highly appreciated)