Lightweight Node.js version sniffing/comparison

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Sometimes you need to check if you're on at least a given Node.js version, but you don't want to pull in the whole semver kitchen sink. That's what at-least-node is for.

Package Size
at-least-node 2.6 kB
semver 75.5 kB
const atLeastNode = require('at-least-node')
// -> true on Node 10.12.0+, false on anything below that

When passing in a version string:

  • You cannot include a leading v (i.e. v10.12.0)
  • You cannot omit sections (i.e. 10.12)
  • You cannot use pre-releases (i.e. 1.0.0-beta)
  • There is no input validation, if you make a mistake, the resulting behavior is undefined