Command-line client for inspecting Ataraxia networks

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Command-cline to help with debugging an Ataraxia network.


Install via NPM:

npm install -g ataraxia-cli


Inspecting the network

Inspecting the network can be done with the inspect command. This will show nodes as they become available or unavailable. The command will exit after 5 seconds of no inactivity or after 60 seconds. Use --watch to keep it running.


$ ataraxia --network nameOfNetwork inspect
  INFO  Joining example as GpTYSnv4AX
 Available  GpJFRewg7q
 Available  GpM2xb78yP

Listen to messages

Listening and printing messages can be done via the listen command.

$ ataraxia --network nameOfNetwork listen
$ ataraxia --network nameOfNetwork listen --exchange counter

Picking networks to join

Option Description
--network networkName Join machine-local network and TCP network using mDNS discovery
--hyperswarm topic Discover peers via the given Hyperswarm topic
--sharedKey key Enable shared-key authentication