simple attenuated bloom filter

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This package provides a simple attenuated bloom filter. An attenuated bloom filter is a series of bloom filters that can be used to represent items in sets over a sort of distance plot. This is useful in particular for things like Quasar where each bloom filter in the set is used to represent topics to which peers N hops aways are subscribed.


npm install atbf --save
const AttenuatedBloomFilter = require('atbf');
const atbf = new AttenuatedBloomFilter({ bitfieldSize: 160, filterDepth: 3 });

atbf[0].add(Buffer.from('some item'));
atbf[0].has(Buffer.from('some item')); // true
atbf[0].has(Buffer.from('other item')); // false

The AttenuatedBloomFilter object extends Array, so the usual suspects like map, forEach, etc are available.


GNU Lesser General Public License 3.0