This is a CLI application for ATLauncher written in NodeJS.

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ATLauncher CLI

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This is a CLI application for ATLauncher written in NodeJS.


ATLauncher CLI has the following features:

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ATLauncher CLI was created using NodeJS version 4.2 and as such we don't support any versions of NodeJS below version 4.2.

How to install

Run the below command to install the global application:

npm install -g atlauncher-cli

Once done you'll have access to the atlauncher command.

atlauncher --help

Command line options

You can pass in various options to the command line to modify the actions taken by the program. More details about them and what each of them do is below.

-d, --directory

This changes the working directory of the application and stores any files it reads/writes to the provided folder.

It defaults to current directory.


We use Gulp to test and lint this module. Make sure you have gulp installed globally:

npm install -g gulp

Then you can run the tests with the following command:

gulp test

You can also run the linting process to test all the files for valid syntax and best practices:

gulp style

If you wish to always have the process running in the background so you can spot any issues as you write/modify the code, you can use the watch gulp command:

gulp watch


If you have any issues/questions/suggestions, please make an issue here


This work is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. To view a copy of this license, visit