.attheme preview module

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A JavaScript package for generating previews of .attheme's, created by @AlexStrNik & @SnejUgal.


$npm i attheme-preview

Example β

import Attheme from "attheme-js";
import Preview from "attheme-preview";
import {
} from "attheme-preview/handlers";
import defaultTemplate from "attheme-preview/default-template";
import { writeFile } from "fs";

const theme = new Attheme(`

const preview = new Preview();

preview.setVariableHandler(Attheme.IMAGE_KEY, randomWallpaperHandler);

preview.createPreview(theme, defaultTemplate)
  .then(async (previewBuffer) => {
      await fs.writeFile(`./preview.png`, previewBuffer);

Fonts α

Not implented yet..

Params β number = 150

Density the preview should be rendered with. "jpeg" | "png" | "webp" | "tiff" = "png"

The image type the rendered preview should be of. WebpOptions | JpegOptions | PngOptions | TiffOptions = {}

The rendering params that are passed to sharp directly.


import { JSDOM } from "jsdom";
import { JpegOptions, PngOptions, TiffOptions, WebpOptions } from "sharp";

const IMAGE_KEY = Symbol.for(`image`);

type RawTheme = Theme | Buffer | string;

type Template = JSDOM | string;

interface SharpParams {
  density?: number;
  extension?: "jpeg" | "png" | "webp" | "tiff";
  imageOptions?: WebpOptions | JpegOptions | PngOptions | TiffOptions;

interface Params {
  sharp?: SharpParams;

interface Color {
  red: number;
  green: number;
  blue: number;
  alpha: number;

interface Theme {
  [key: string]: Color;
  [IMAGE_KEY]?: string;

interface VariableHandler {
  (theme: Theme, params: Params): Color;

interface ClassHandler {
  (element: SVGElement, theme: Theme, params: Params): void;

interface CustomHandler {
  (preview: JSDOM, theme: Theme, params: Params): void;

new Preview()

Creates a new instance of Preview.

preview.setVariableHandler(variable: string | IMAGE_KEY, handler: VariableHandler)

Registers a new getter for variable. It isn't a usual property getter; it receives the theme and the passed params from preview.createPreview.

preview.setClassHandler(className: string, handler: ClassHandler)

Registers a new handler for elements with className class. After it's dome with coloring the template, attheme-preview calls registered handlers for each element of the className class. For example, if you register a handler for divider, and there are six elements with class="divider", then the handler is called six times, receiving another class="divider" element each time.

It is run after attheme-preview filled the preview template with colors, but before custom ones.

preview.addCustomHandler(handler: CunstomHandler)

Registers a new handler that's run after the class ones. It receives the whole colored template tree.

preview.createPreview(theme: RawTheme, template: Template, params?: Params): Promise<Buffer>

Generates a new preview, and returns a buffer of a .png image (by Default).

The params argument isn't used by this method, but it is passed to the handlers.


<path class="className"/> or rect or circle

Sets the fill attribute to preview.getVariable(className, ...).

<image class="IMG" width="width" height="height"/> @deprecated

Sets the xlink:href attribute to preview.getVariable(Attheme.IMAGE_KEY, ...).

The handler require(`attheme-preview/handlers/chatWallpaperHandler.js`) must be added to make it work.


Remove deprecated code

e.g: xlink:href

Add custom fonts support

check puggo:cairo bindings

Add more default Handlers

e.g: gradient support, text support

RORO (“Receive object, return object” pattern)

implent RORO everewhere