Auth0 Extension UI

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Auth0 Extension UI


This extension is a components library which is used by other extensions. You can find components code inside src/components.

Each component has:

  • the component itself (index.js)
  • the specs file (tests)
  • the stories file (which has the examples that appear in storybook)

Run storybook

npm run storybook or go to auth0-extension-ui github pages

Publish storybook

Run npm run publish-storybook to publish a new storybook version to github pages.

Adding tests to your components

Simply add them to tests folder with specs.js extension. npm test will run them all.

Additional notes

Auth0 styles were added in .storybook/head.html.


The list of components can be found in src/components/index.js file. Components are divided in different categories taking into account their responsibilities.


  • Form: components inside src/components/Form are components that should be used in forms and use redux-form v6. Note that these components may or may not accept label property, which is going to render them differently;
  • Header: contains headers for pages;
  • Messages: has Alert components (for success, error, etc messages);
  • Modal: custom components for modals;
  • Page: this folder has components that do not fit in any other category. For example, a CodeEditor, Pagination or LoadingPanel;
  • Sidebar: html references on side menus;
  • Tab: custom auth0 tabs;
  • Table: custom table components.

For any components, you could have some examples on how to use components looking at [component].stories.js and [component].specs.js files. In the component definition, the propTypes define which properties a component may receive and which ones are required properties.