This library was created to provide Oauth and API request functionality between NodeJS applications and the Aweber API.

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Integrate AWeber with Your NodeJS Application

This library was created to provide Oauth and API request functionality between NodeJS applications and the Aweber API.

You'll also find a complete, working sample application running express in example.js. Install express using npm, I intentionally left it out of the project dependencies.

To run the example app:

consumer_key=YOUR_KEY consumer_secret=YOUR_SECRET node example.js

Step 1 - Create App, Get Credentials

  • Go to AWeber Labs and get a free development account.
  • Create an app, and retrieve your consumer key and consumer secret.

Step 2 - Do OAuth

I didn't find the node OAuth libraries to be useful. I only needed the request signing and parameter encoding, so I implemented just that. Here's how to perform each piece of the process.

Decide on a callback URL

This is the URL Aweber will send the user back to during each step of the process.

Getting a request token

var NodeAweber = require('aweber-api-nodejs');



Note that all variables for this request will be generated automatically. This will give you an oauth_token and oauth_token_secret you'll need in the next steps.

Authorizing request token

After getting the request token, authorizing it is as simple as redirecting the user to this URL:

Getting an access token

After the user enters their details, they'll be redirected to your application, this time via a GET request with the following query params:

  • oauth_verifier
  • oauth_token

Now, generate the access token:

var accessToken = NA.accessToken(oauth_token, oauth_verifier, token_secret_from_earlier, callback);

...And you'll now have an oauth_token_secret and oauth_token you can use for further requests!

Step 3 - Make API calls

var apiClient = NA.api(token, tokenSecret);

apiClient.request('get', 'accounts', {}, function(err, response){
  var accounts = response.entries;
  var listsUrl = 'accounts/'+accounts[0].id+'/lists';
  apiClient.request('get', listsUrl, {}, function(err, response){
    apiClient.request('post', listsUrl+'/'+response.entries[0].id+'/subscribers', {
      'ws.op': 'create',
      'email': ''
    }, function(err, response){
      if(response.status == 201){
        res.send('subscriber added to list.');
      } else {