Deploy AWS Lambda functions from command line using a json or yaml config file.

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Command line tool deploy code to AWS Lambda.

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Versions prior to 1.0.5 suffer from "Command Injection" vulnerability,
thanks and Song Li of Johns Hopkins University for reporting.


npm install -g aws-lambda

WARN: upgrading to v1.0.0 will remove your function environment and layers if they are not defined in the config file

Config file

  • PATH must point to your code folder and is relative to the config file
  • PATH can be relative or absolute
  • If not set, Runtime defaults to nodejs10.x
  • If not set, FunctionName defaults to the name of the config file ("my-function" in this case)
  • You can use Ref to reference environment variables in the form of env.YOUR_ENVIRONMENT_NAME
  • lambda deploy <file.lambda> credentials needs permissions to CreateFunction, UpdateFunctionConfiguration and UpdateFunctionCode
  • lambda delete <file.lambda> credentials needs permissions to DeleteFunction
  • lambda invoke <file.lambda> credentials needs permissions to InvokeFunction

Sample JSON config

    "PATH": "./test-function",
    "AWS_KEY": { "Ref" : "env.AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID" },,
    "AWS_SECRET": { "Ref" : "env.AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY"},
    "AWS_REGION": "us-east-1",

    "FunctionName": "test-lambda",
    "Role": "your_amazon_role",
    "Runtime": "nodejs10.x",
    "Handler": "index.handler",
    "MemorySize": "128",
    "Timeout": "3",
    "Environment": {
        "Variables": {
            "Hello": "World",
    "Layers": [
    "Tags": {
        "k1": "v1",
        "k2": "v2"
    "Description": ""

Sample YAML config

# unlike json, comments are allowed in yaml, yey!
# remember to use spaces not tabs 😞
PATH: ./new-function
AWS_KEY:  !Ref "env.lambda_deploy_aws_key"
AWS_SECRET: !Ref "env.lambda_deploy_aws_secret"
AWS_REGION: "eu-central-1"

FunctionName: new-function-v12
Role: "arn:aws:iam::452980636694:role/CliLambdaDeploy-TestRole-1H89NZ845HHBK"
Runtime: "nodejs8.10"
Handler: "index.handler"
MemorySize: "128"
Timeout: "3"
        Hello: "World"
    - "arn:aws:lambda:eu-central-1:452980636694:layer:awspilot-dynamodb-2_0_0-beta:1"
    k1: v1
    k2: v2
Description: ""

Deploy from Local to AWS Lambda

// if installed globally then
$ lambda deploy /path/to/my-function.lambda
$ lambda deploy ../configs/my-function.lambda

// if 'npm installed' without the -g then you must use the full path
$ node_modules/.bin/lambda /path/to/my-function.lambda

// you can also add it in your scripts section of your package.json scripts: { "deploy-func1": "lambda deploy ../config/func1.lambda" }
$ npm run deploy-func1

Watch config file

aws-lambda can also watch the config file and the code folder specified in the config.PATH for changes and re-reploy on change

$ lambda start ../configs/my-function.lambda