AWS Object Management Environment

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AWS Object Management Environment

Manage your AWS infrastructure as if it were composed of plain objects.

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Getting Started

Make your AWS credentials available in the AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variables and then just import AWSome to get started.

// Import AWSome
const awsome = require('awsome')

// Create a new bucket instance
const bucket = new awsome.Bucket({ name: 'my-test-bucket' })

// Fetch the bucket data
      .then((data) => {
        // Good stuff, enjoy the data
      .catch((error) => {
        // Something happened and the bucket data could not be retrieved


Get started with the examples provided to create, retrieve, update or delete buckets and to host, unhost domains as well as to link and unlink domains and buckets. Make sure you have your AWS key and secret ready.

node ./node_modules/awsome/examples key=<INSERT AWS KEY> secret=<INSERT AWS SECRET> example=create-bucket

The supported examples are:

See All The Examples


There is a detailed Getting Started tutorial that you can read to set your AWS account up, to install and to start using AWSome right away.

Have a look at all the tutorials available to make the most of AWSsome.


AWSome is very well documented and all objects, options, fields and functions are well explained and they all include examples.

Read the full documentation for detailed instructions on how to create, retrieve, update and delete buckets, including site buckets, host and unhost domains and link and unlink domains and buckets.

Read The Docs


We'd be glad to have you join us as an AWSome Contributor. Get started by reading our Contributor Guide.

Read The Contributor Guide


AWSome makes use of the following libraries:

  • aws sdk - for AWS calls
  • cross-env - for running examples
  • fs-extra - for file management
  • walk - for file tree walking
  • uuid - for generating hosted zone references
  • tldjs - for parsing domain names
  • savor - for testing


AWSome is licensed under the MIT License.


AWSome is sponsored by Fluid Trends and is part of the Fluid Trends Open Source Lab.

If you'd like to co-sponsor this project, please email your co-sponsorship request to team at