0-dependency snippets and utilities for web and node projects

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0 dependency snippets and utilities for web and node projects

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Tiny but configurable log utility for both node and web projects

fn / prop values default desc
graceLog.lvl 0|1|2 process.env.GRACE_LOG_LEVEL || window.GRACE_LOG_LEVEL || 0 0 - log, 1 - debug, 2 - verbose
graceLog.fn {function} console.log log sink function
graceLog.prefix {string} GraceLog actually a key to include in all logs
graceLog.log(...args) {*} `` args will be passed to graceLog.fn always
graceLog.debug(...args) {*} `` log args will be passed to graceLog.fn only if lvl > 0
graceLog.verbose(...args) {*} `` log args will be passed to graceLog.fn only if lvl > 1
graceLog(...args) {*} `` short-hand for graceLog.log(...args)
graceLog.error(e) {string|Error} `` logs message and exits process (on node) or throws Error on web


Tiny async utility methods

fn / prop desc returns / resolves
promiseSequence Resolves promises/function set in sync (one by one). Passes result of each to another. Alternatively, if function/promise did not return result - it can pass previous result to one after. Behaviorally similar to async array.reduce. Promise<*> - Whatever last promise returns
waitUntil Keeps checking condition in configurable interval. Resolves as soon as condition returns positive value Promise<*>
debounce Prevents your function from being called too often, by wrapping it with timeout buffer. Every call to it more frequent than timeout bounces actual execution for another timeout After timeout function is executed normally, with "latest" arguments that were passed to it. function