An open-source frontend for the Segwit2x Insight API. The Insight API provides you with a convenient, powerful and simple way to query and broadcast data on the bitcoin network and build your own services with it.

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  import b2xInsightUi from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/b2x-insight-ui';


Segwit2x Insight UI

A Segwit2x blockchain explorer web application service for Segwit2x Node using the Insight API.

Getting Started

To manually install all of the necessary components, you can run these commands:

npm install -g b2x-node
b2x-node create mynode
cd mynode
b2x-node install b2x-insight-api
b2x-node install b2x-insight-ui
b2x-node start

Open a web browser to http://localhost:3001/b2x-insight/


To build Insight UI locally:

$ npm run build

A watch task is also available:

$ npm run watch

Changing routePrefix and apiPrefix

By default, the insightConfig in package.json is:

  "insightConfig": {
    "apiPrefix": "b2x-insight-api",
    "routePrefix": "b2x-insight-ui"

To change these routes, first make your changes to package.json, for example:

  "insightConfig": {
    "apiPrefix": "api",
    "routePrefix": ""

Then rebuild the insight-ui service:

$ npm run build

Multilanguage support

Insight UI uses angular-gettext for multilanguage support.

To enable a text to be translated, add the translate directive to html tags. See more details here. Then, run:

grunt compile

This action will create a template.pot file in po/ folder. You can open it with some PO editor (Poedit). Read this guide to learn how to edit/update/import PO files from a generated POT file. PO file will be generated inside po/ folder.

If you make new changes, simply run grunt compile again to generate a new .pot template and the angular javascript js/translations.js. Then (if use Poedit), open .po file and choose update from POT File from Catalog menu.

Finally changes your default language from public/src/js/config

gettextCatalog.currentLanguage = 'es';

This line will take a look at any *.po files inside po/ folder, e.g. po/es.po, po/nl.po. After any change do not forget to run grunt compile.


For more details about the Segwit2X Insight API configuration and end-points, go to Segwit2X Insight API GitHub repository.


Contributions and suggestions are welcomed at the Segwit2X Insight UI GitHub repository.