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This repository is no longer maintained.

Issue reports and pull requests will not be attended.
If you are using mcs-lite-ui, mcs-lite-icon, mcs-lite-theme, please migrate to mcs-ui

Migrate to mcs-ui

  1. Please upgrade react, react-dom to version 16 or higher
  2. Please upgrade styled-components to version 4.0.2 or higher
  3. Please upgrade react-overlay-pack to version 3 or higher
  4. Change import names from mcs-lite-ui, mcs-lite-icon, mcs-lite-theme to mcs-ui by referencing index.js

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Note: MCS Lite core and Desktop website is being developed at


  • node >= 9.11.1
  • yarn >= 1.6.0


Package Description Version Downloads
babel-preset-mcs-lite Babel preset used by MCS Lite npm npm downloads
eslint-config-mcs-lite Eslint config used by MCS Lite npm npm downloads
mcs-lite-admin-web MCS Lite Admin Web npm npm downloads
mcs-lite-connect Connect MCS with WebSocket npm npm downloads
mcs-lite-design The source images to be compressed used by MCS Lite npm npm downloads
mcs-lite-icon Convert SVG icon to React components npm npm downloads
mcs-lite-introduction GitBook for MCS Lite documentation npm npm downloads
mcs-lite-landing-web MCS Lite Landing Web
mcs-lite-mobile-web MCS Lite Mobile Web npm npm downloads
mcs-lite-scripts Shared scripts and CLI used by MCS Lite npm npm downloads
mcs-lite-theme Defined Theme and helpers for mcs-lite-ui npm npm downloads
mcs-lite-translation I18n workflow with React-Intl used by MCS Lite npm npm downloads
mcs-lite-ui Common UI used by MCS Lite npm npm downloads
react-intl-cra Move to
react-intl-inject-hoc The convenience HOC of react-intl injectIntl npm npm downloads


$ npm i mcs-lite-ui mcs-lite-icon mcs-lite-theme --save


# Install all external dependencies of each package.
$ yarn install --pure-lockfile
$ yarn run clean # Remove all node_modules

Building all mono-packages

$ ./tasks/


$ yarn run format
$ ./tasks/
$ ./tasks/
$ ./tasks/



# cd packages/mcs-lite-ui
$ yarn start


$ yarn run test:watch

NPM Scripts Interface


  • yarn run clean: remove all node_modules
  • lint: eslint and flow
  • yarn run format: prettier
  • yarn run release: publish


Package clean test start build
babel-preset-mcs-lite V -
eslint-config-mcs-lite V -
mcs-lite-admin-web V V V
mcs-lite-connect V V
mcs-lite-design V V
mcs-lite-icon V V
mcs-lite-introduction V V V
mcs-lite-landing-web V V V
mcs-lite-mobile-web V V V
mcs-lite-scripts V V
mcs-lite-theme V V
mcs-lite-translation V V V
mcs-lite-ui V V V V
react-intl-inject-hoc V V

Environment variables

  • mcs-lite-introduction: GA_ID

  • mcs-lite-mobile-web: WebSocket PORT

    Replace __SOCKET_PORT_FROM_SERVER__ in the build/index.html file. (Default to 8000)

Other Notes


$ npm install -g npm-check-updates
$ ncu && node_modules/.bin/lerna exec --concurrency 1 -- ncu # check for all packages
$ ncu -au && node_modules/.bin/lerna exec --concurrency 1 -- ncu -au # update packages.json


$ yarn run clean && yarn # Re-install node_modules
$ yarn run license




NPM package licenses: licenses.csv



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Michael Hsu Abel Chen Abby Chiu Daria Chen blue chen
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