A drop-in Backbone.ajax replacement powered by window.fetch

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import backboneFetch from '';



A drop-in replacement for Backbone.Ajax that uses window.fetch methods for sync. It has no dependency on jQuery or Underscore.

You call, model.fetch(), collection.fetch(), etc. just as you would normally. These methods always return a Promise.

To Use:

Load Backbone.Fetch with your favorite module loader or add as a script tag after you have loaded Backbone in the page.

If loading with AMD or CommonJS you should set Backbone.ajax yourself:

var Backbone = require('backbone');
Backbone.ajax = require('backbone.fetch');


Fetch relies on either a native window.fetch or a fallback pollyfill. You must also set a global Promise implementation for window.fetch to use (either Native, RSVP, Bluebird, etc).