A ready-for-road HTML5 application stack combining Bootstrap, AngularJS, H5BP, and Node.js (BAHN).

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bahn is a ready-for-road HTML5 application stack combining Bootstrap, AngularJS, H5BP, and Node.js (BAHN).

bahn comes pre-rolled a NoSQL database (NeDB or MongoDB), a HTTP application server (Express), and WebSocket support for dynamic applications (

Apart from bundling all of these together, the philosophy is otherwise agnostic. Use one, use all, use some. But have fun!


To install the bahn command-line interface type:

npm install bahn -g

You must have Node.js installed before installing. To use a MongoDB database, you must have MongoDB installed or access to a MongoDB server.

After installing the bahn command-line interface, navigate to an empty directory and type:


This will download and install the latest release of bahn. When it's done, visit in a web browser. A seed TODO application that puts the stack through through its paces is included in the default release.

Have a look in the application/ directory to see how the default application works. It is intended that you will modify this application to create your own.

Using the line interface

To install and run a bahn application application server, navigate to a (preferably) empty directory and type:


If you are behind a corporate proxy, you may have to pass the address of your proxy server in order you can install bahn:

bahn --proxy http://proxy:8080/

By default the application server will run on port 8080. To run it on a port 80, try:

bahn --port 80

To run the application server on port 80 and set it to auto-restart after a crash, try:

bahn --port 80 --forever

To do all of the above and use a MongoDB database (as opposed to the default NeDB database), try:

bahn --port 80 --database "mongodb://admin:password@" --forever

To install/run a bahn application server in a different directory, on port 80, with auto-restart, try:

bahn --port 80 --forever ~/path/to/directory/

For a full list of options, see:

bahn --help


All of the software distributed in this stack is released under the MIT license. Node.js (see license) and MongoDB (see license) are distributed separately under different open source licenses.