Skeleton template for a balena TypeScript project

Usage no npm install needed!

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Skeleton Project

This is a skeleton template for a TypeScript library project, containing all the default files and settings required for a balena project. As a result package-lock files are disabled so that upstream dependency issues are surfaces on our CI. In case that you are implementing a standalone project, you can enable them by deleting the .npmrc.

Modify the package.json, and file as required, npm install, then implement code in the lib directory.

Compiled code will be output into the build directory (transpiled JS, declaration files and source maps).

npm test will run the tests on both node and a browser. In case that you are implementing a node only library, you can just just drop karma.conf.js and all karma related references in the package.json.

Integrating with balenaCI

After cloning & scaffolding the repository

  • Reset the package.json version to the desired one for the initial release, eg 0.1.0.
  • Delete the & .versionbot folder.
  • Set the appropriate .github/CODEOWNERS.
  • Push the scaffolded project to master
  • Create a new branch and open a PR for it.
  • After balenaCI picks up the PR, go to the repository's settings page and add a master branch protection rule and mark the balenaCI checks as required.