A bare minimum responsive carousel for the browser

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<script type="module">
  import bareMinimumCarousel from '';



A bare minimum responsive carousel for the browser. It calculates the width of the children and only applies a transform: translateX to the wrapper element. The CSS is up to you!

npm version

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Download node at and install it, if you haven't already.

npm install bare-minimum-carousel --save



<div style="overflow: hidden;">
    <div class="js-carousel" style="white-space: nowrap; transition: transform 1s; width: 100px;">
        <img src="image1.jpg" width="100px" style="display: inline-block">
        <img src="image2.jpg" width="100px" style="display: inline-block">
        <img src="image3.jpg" width="100px" style="display: inline-block">


// require module
const carousel = require('bare-minimum-carousel');

const elem = document.querySelector('.js-carousel')

const c = carousel(elem) // returns a carousel object
c.start(2000, { skipFirst: true }) // starts the carousel changing every 2 seconds and skip first invocation
c.stop() // stops the carousel // moves two itmes forward
c.goTo(1) // goes to the 2nd item
c.onChange(i => {
  // do something when the index changes

// recalc on window resize
window.addEventListener('resize', c.recalc.bind(c))


  • carousel(elem:dom element) returns a carousel object
  • c.start(interval:int, options:obj) starts the carousel with specified interval (default: 4000)
    • options:obj
      • skipFirst: skips first invocation on start
  • c.stop() stops the carousel
  • changes to the next item in the carousel by relative index (default: 1)
  • c.goTo(index:int) changes to the specified index in the carousel (default: 0)
  • c.recalc() recalculates translateX for the current index
  • c.onChange(listener:function(i)) do something when the current index changes