A no nonsense logger that keeps things real simple

Usage no npm install needed!

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  • You want logs? I gotchu fam 👍
  • Need timestamps? Of course you fucking do, you're a professional 🕐
  • Don't have time to RTFM? Good, go get shit done 📚
  • Want log levels? This isn't for you 👎

This logger is for when you're developing a simple script that needs timestamped logs, but no other fancy stuff.


npm install barelog --save

Usage & Output Example

This code...

const log = require('barelog')

log('Staying busy. Getting 💩 done.')
log('You like printf format? %s got it 🎉', 'You')

...produces this output

[2019-08-14T01:47:45.896Z] Staying busy. Getting 💩 done.
[2019-08-14T01:47:43.221Z] You like printf format? You got it 🎉