Base API client backed by axios

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Base API client backed by axios.

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Platform Status

To use library you need to have node and npm installed in your machine:

  • node >=10
  • npm >=6

Package is continuously tested on darwin, linux, win32 platforms. All active and maintenance LTS node releases are supported.


To install the library run the following command

  npm i --save base-api-client


Example of telegram client extended from BaseAPI:

import BaseAPi from 'base-api-client';

export default class TelegramAPI extends BaseAPi {
    constructor(id, token) {

    message(chatId, html) {
        return'sendMessage', {
            'parse_mode' : 'HTML',
            'text'       : html,
            'chat_id'    : chatId

    file(chatId, fileId) {
        return'sendDocument', {
            'document' : fileId,
            'chat_id'  : chatId

Constructor arguments:

  1. url - base URL of the API. Can consist apiPrefix. Will be cast to nodeJS URL object.
  2. options - object with next attributes:
    • timeout - timeout in ms format. Will be cast to integer (in milliseconds). Default: 1m.
    • logger - if applied, will add debug and verbose messages before and after each request. Should have next interface: logger.log(level, object).


Make the changes to the code and tests. Then commit to your branch. Be sure to follow the commit message conventions. Read Contributing Guidelines for details.