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LightWeight (Backbone like) implementation of class for JS.

Getting started

To install bb-class from npm, run:

npm install -g bb-class --save

Finally, use the library:

'use strict';

bbClass = require('bb-class');

var MyClass = bbClass.extend(prototypePropsObject, staticPropsObject);
var MyClassChild = MyClass.extend(anotherPrototypePropsObject, anotherStaticPropsObject);

var myClassInstance = new MyClass();
var myClassChildInstance = new MyClassChild();

myClassInstance instanceof myClassInstance; // true

myClassChildInstance instanceof MyClassChild; // true

myClassChildInstance instanceof myClassInstance; // true

// do something helpful

You can read more examples in test directory of this repository



If you have any problems, you cached a bug, or you have any suggestion - please find an existing issue or create new


If you want to develop this library do not be shy - Do that! How to contribute open-source projects

Run tests bb-class

$ npm i -g grunt-cli
$ npm test