ethers.js-compatible wrapper around Multicall

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Utility library to make calls to Ethereum blockchain.

Uses MakerDAO's Multicall contract to make multiple requests in a single HTTP query. Encodes and decodes data automatically.

Inspired and powered by ethers.js.

npm install ethcall


  • Contract(address, abi): create contract instance; calling contract.call_func_name will yield a call object.
  • all(calls): execute all calls in a single request.
  • calls: list of helper call methods
    • getEthBalance(address): returns account ether balance


import { Contract, Provider } from 'ethcall';
import { InfuraProvider } from '@ethersproject/providers';

import erc20Abi from './abi/erc20.json';

const infuraKey = 'INSERT_YOUR_KEY_HERE';
const provider = new InfuraProvider('mainnet', infuraKey);

const daiAddress = '0x6b175474e89094c44da98b954eedeac495271d0f';

async function call() {
    const ethcallProvider = new Provider();
    await ethcallProvider.init(provider);

    const daiContract = new Contract(daiAddress, erc20Abi);

    const uniswapDaiPool = '0x2a1530c4c41db0b0b2bb646cb5eb1a67b7158667';

    const ethBalanceCall = ethcallProvider.getEthBalance(uniswapDaiPool);
    const daiBalanceCall = daiContract.balanceOf(uniswapDaiPool);

    const data = await ethcallProvider.all([ethBalanceCall, daiBalanceCall]);

    const ethBalance = data[0];
    const daiBalance = data[1];

    console.log('eth balance', ethBalance.toString());
    console.log('dai balance', daiBalance.toString());