A Node.js wrapper of AWS DynamoDB Local and utilities

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ORIGINAL REPO: - thanks for the great work!

Unfortunately, it felt like the original Medium repo was stagnant and had some amazing unmerged PRs. So, I grabbed them, merged them, and hope to keep improving this library!

Please leave issues and, most importantly, PRs - I hope to keep this repo as active as necessary.

A Node.js wrapper of AWS DynamoDB Local

This is a thin wrapper of the AWS DynamoDB Local. You can start the DynamoDB Local within a Node.js program and easily specify where the database files should be.

Official Amazon release notes can be found at


npm install better-local-dynamo


localDynamo = require('local-dynamo');

  dir: '/database/dir', // null will run DynamoDB in memory; defaults to null
  port: 4567, // defaults to 8000
  cors: [ '' ], // defaults to '*'
  heap: '512m', // defaults to JVM default values
  version: '2015-07-16_1.0' // defaults to 'latest'

Things I'd love to do: (feel free to open a PR)

  • Reduce dependencies
  • Convert to promises
  • Fix and reimplement CLI
  • Add a logger
  • Fix tests