Venn diagram list comparisons

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about genvenn!

genvenn is a D3js project to visualise list/set data comparisons with standard symmetric venn diagrams. The project is aimed at providing an opportunity for biological visualisations.

genvenn is developed based an impression of a previous project jvenn which is plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library. Some of the features in genvenn are:

  • genevenn is able to visualise and compare up to 7 sets of venn diagram
  • sets upto three are incrementally visualised with circles, four, five and seven sets are visualised with ellipses, and the sixth set is visualised with standard triangles
  • venn diagram drawings are plotted following mathematical standards for their symmetry and angular alignments
  • the project requires npm packages to be used and can easily be used as sub module in other projects,
  • data can be provided as a user input, uploaded file or just loaded from a sample file for demonstration.
  • genevenn is able to export all list intersection information to a file
  • it also enables exports of visual snapshots of the venn diagrams to image file.