React based blotter table

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Renders a react based blotter - a table presenting data. The table header and columns are defined using the columnConfig configuration object.


Install as node dependency:

npm install blotter --save


ReactDOM.render(React.createElement(Blotter, {
  columnConfig: {
    type: {
      header: 'Type',
      className: 'type'
    time: {
      className: 'time maturity',
      header: DOM.span({ style: { color: 'green' } }, 'Time'),
      markup(row) {
        return DOM.div({ className: 'value' }, row.time);
    client: {
      className: 'client',
      header: 'Client',
      markup(row) {
        return DOM.div({ className: 'value' }, row.client);
    action: {
      className: 'action',
      header: 'Action',
      markup(row, props) {
        return DOM.button({
          onClick: props.onDelete.bind(this, row.tradeId)
        }, 'delete');
    details: {
      className: 'details',
      header: 'Details',
      markup(row, props) {
        return DOM.button({
          onClick: props.onShowDetails.bind(this, row.tradeId)
        }, 'show details');
  data: [{
      tradeId: 0,
      type: 'Spot',
      maturity: '2016-04-04T13:10:53+02:00',
      client: 'Thomas Junghans'
    }, {
      tradeId: 1,
      type: 'Forward',
      client: 'Max Muster'
  onDelete(tradeId) {
  onShowDetails() {
    console.log('showing details for ',;
}), document.querySelector('#blotter'));


  • columnConfig: an object containing header and column information. The following properties are possible:
    • header: String, table column header value
    • className: className that is added to th and td elements
    • markup(row, props): function, if set will be used to render an element into the td element. row is an item of data. props is a reference, to the row component's react props.
    • columns: object with columns.
  • formatRow(row): function used to format row data
  • data: an array of data to display

You can give a row a css class value by including the property rowClassName in the returned obect of formatRow(row) or by already having it on data[index].

All properties are passed to the row component and made available to the columnConfig, markup function.

Run local demo

npm start & npm run watch
  • npm run build - build production css and js
  • npm run watch - compile css and js
  • npm start - start static dev server