The Bluejay programming language.

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Bluejay is a strict superset of the TypeScript programming language, that allows compilation to executable binaries and low level programming languages such as C++.

heads up! Bluejay is not yet ready for use and has minimal features currently. This means Bluejay is probably not suitable for you or your project. If you do end up trying Bluejay and you encounter a bug, please create an issue to help us fix the issue as soon as possible. Thank you! :heart:


note that many changes will occur to this section as Bluejay is in alpha.

  • Basic C++ code generation.


To test Bluejay, you can compile the file to an executable and run it. This is easy enough with the provided test compiler script (src/test.ts or dist/test.js).


  • GCC (GNU Compiler Collection)
  • Node.js & NPM, which comes with Node.js.
  • TypeScript (which can be installed via npm install -g typescript)


Before compiling any test scripts, you must first install Bluejay's dependencies. First, navigate to the Bluejay source directory, then run the following:

npm install
tsc # build bluejay


To build, you can use the provided dist/test.js file:

node dist/test

Then, run the compiled file:

# windows cmd:
dist\test # dist/test.exe

# other: